DVD Player Compatibility  with DVD-R Media

Test reports for various set-top DVD players report that
the recordable DVD compatibility is

  • DVD-R / DVD-R/W = 96.7%
  • DVD+R / DVD+R/W = 87.3%

Virtually all new DVD players will be able to play DVD-R format.

There are some early players which cannot play DVD-R format. Below is a list of some of these early models.
The list has been collated from information available on the web. We have not tested these players ourselves.
If your player is not listed below, try a more comprehensive list at DVD Helper site

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Set-top DVD players Plays   DVD-R
Aiwa XD-DV170 No
Aiwa XD-DV290 Yes
Aiwa XD-DV370 Yes
Aiwa XDDW1 Yes
Alba Yes
Apex 1500 Yes
Apex 3201 Yes
Apex AD-500A No
Apex AD-500B No
Apex AD-600A No
Apex AD-660 Yes
Apex AD-703 Yes
Ariston 2000 No
Cyber Home AD-L 528 Yes
Denon DVD-1000 Yes
Denon DVD-1500 No
Denon DVD-3000 Yes
Denon DVD-3300 Yes
Denon DVM-3700 Yes
Emerson DVD-2000 Yes
GE 1106P Yes
Go! Video DVR-5000 Yes
Go! Video DVS-3000 No
Harmon Kardon DVD-5 Yes
Harmon Kardon DVD-50 Yes
Hitachi DV-B305D Yes
Hitachi DV-P305 Yes
Hitachi DVP-305U Yes
Hitachi DVP-315U Yes
Hitachi DVW1 No
JVC XV-1000 No
JVC XV-501 No
JVC XV-511BK Yes
JVC XV-523 Yes
JVC XV-D701 No
JVC XV-D723 Yes
JVC XV-M567 Yes
JVC XV-S45 Yes
JVC XV-S65 Yes
Kenwood DV-402 Yes
Kenwood DV-403 Yes
Kenwood DVCL85V Yes
KLH DVD-1000 Yes
Konka KD1800U1 Yes
Lecson Yes
Magnavox DVD-611AT Yes
Magnavox DVD-711/171 Yes
Marantz DV3100 No
Marantz DV-3100 Yes
Matsui Yes
Memorex MVD-2026 Yes
Mitsubishi DD-2000 No
Mitsubishi DD-3000 No
Mitsubishi DD-4001 No
Mitsubishi DD-4020 Yes
Mitsubishi DD-6000 Yes
NAD T55 Yes
Onkyo DVC-600 Yes
Onkyo DVC-601 Yes
Onkyo DV-S535 Yes
Oriton DVD100 No
Oritron DVD-100 Yes
Oritron DVD-200 Yes
Oritron DVD-400 Yes
Oritron DVD-600 Yes
Pacific Yes
Panasonic CT27DC50 Yes
Panasonic DMR-E10 Yes
Panasonic DVD-A10 Yes
Panasonic DVD-A100 Yes
Panasonic DVD-A120U Yes
Panasonic DVD-A300 Yes
Panasonic DVD-A310 Yes
Panasonic DVD-A7 Yes
Panasonic DVD-CV50 Yes
Panasonic DVD-CV50 No
Panasonic DVD-CV50U No
Panasonic DVD-CV51 No
Panasonic DVD-K520 Yes
Panasonic DVD-L10D Yes
Panasonic DVD-L110 Yes
Panasonic DVD-L50D Yes
Panasonic DVD-LV55W Yes
Panasonic DVD-LV75W Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV20 Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV30 Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV31 Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV45KU-5 Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV55 Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV80 Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV80 Yes
Panasonic DVDT2000 Yes
Panasonic PV-D4741 Yes
Panasonic PV-D4761 Yes
Panasonic TH15DT2 Yes
Philips DVD 711 Yes
Philips DVD 956 Yes
Philips DVD 972C Yes
Philips DVD-400AT No
Philips DVD-850AT No
Philips DVD-950AT No
Phillips DVD 621 Yes
Phillips DVD712AT21 Yes
Phillips DVD-941 No
Phillips DVD953AT21 Yes
Pioneer DV-301 Yes
Pioneer DV-333 Yes
Pioneer DV-340 Yes
Pioneer DV-343 Yes
Pioneer DV-414 Yes
Pioneer DV-434 Yes
Pioneer DV-500 Yes
Pioneer DV-503 Yes
Pioneer DV-505 Yes
Pioneer DV-525 Yes
Pioneer DV-535 Yes
Pioneer DV-54 Yes
Pioneer DV-606D Yes
Pioneer DV-C503 Yes
Pioneer DVL-700 Yes
Pioneer DVL-90 No
Pioneer DVR-1000 Yes
Pioneer DVR-2000 Yes
Pioneer Elite DV-05 Yes
Pioneer Elite DV-07 Yes
Pioneer PDV-LC10 Yes
Proline DVD2000 Yes
Proline DVD-V7400 Yes
Proscan P 8610P Yes
Proscan PS8680Z Yes
Raite RDP-715 Yes
RCA C52152 Yes
RCA RC5200P Yes
RCA RC5215P Yes
RCA RC5220P Yes
RCA RC5225P Yes
RCA RC5910P No
Sampo DVD-611 Yes
Sampo DVE-520 No
Samsung DVD-511 Yes
Samsung DVD-611 Yes
Samsung DVD-709 No
Samsung DVD-905 Yes
Samsung DVD-M301 Yes
Samsung DVD-N501 Yes
Schneider Yes
Sharp DV-750U Yes
Sharp DVL-70TV No
Sharp DV-L70U Yes
Sharp DV-S200 No
Sharp DV-SF20 Yes
SMC DVD-330S Yes
Sony DAV-S300 Yes
Sony DVP-660 Yes
Sony DVP-670D Yes
Sony DVP-680 Yes
Sony DVP-7000 Yes
Sony DVP-7700 Yes
Sony DVP-9000 Yes
Sony DVP-C600 Yes
Sony DVP-C650D Yes
Sony DVP-C660 Yes
Sony DVP-C670D Yes
Sony DVP-CX850D Yes
Sony DVP-CX860 Yes
Sony DVP-CX870D Yes
Sony DVP-F5 Yes
Sony DVP-FX1 Yes
Sony DVP-NC600 Yes
Sony DVP-NC600B Yes
Sony DVP-NS300 Yes
Sony DVP-NS300/B Yes
Sony DVP-NS400D Yes
Sony DVP-NS700P Yes
Sony DVP-S300 Yes
Sony DVP-S3000 No
Sony DVP-S330 Yes
Sony DVP-S350 Yes
Sony DVP-S360 Yes
Sony DVP-S500 Yes
Sony DVP-S501D Yes
Sony DVP-S520D Yes
Sony DVP-S530 Yes
Sony DVP-S550D Yes
Sony DVP-S560D Yes
Sony DVP-S570D Yes
Sony DVP-S7000 No
Sony DVP-S7700 Yes
Sony DVP-S9000ES Yes
Sony Playstation 2 Yes
Sony PVDV-30 No
Sylvania DVL 1000 No
Sylvania DVL 100A No
Technics A10D Yes
Technics DVD-A10PP-N No
Thompson (RCA C3400) Yes
Toshiba DVD SD-160L No
Toshiba MED-300AS No
Toshiba SD-220E No
Toshiba SD-1200 Yes
Toshiba SD-1600 Yes
Toshiba SD-1700 Yes
Toshiba SD-2107U No
Toshiba SD-2108U No
Toshiba SD-2109 No
Toshiba SD-2150 Yes
Toshiba SD-2200 Yes
Toshiba SD-2300 Yes
Toshiba SD2700 Yes
Toshiba SD-2705 Yes
Toshiba SD-3006 Yes
Toshiba SD-3107 No
Toshiba SD-3109 No
Toshiba SD-3205 Yes
Toshiba SD-4205 Yes
Toshiba SD-5000X Yes
Toshiba SD-5109C No
Toshiba SD-6109C No
Toshiba SD-6200 Yes
Toshiba SD-9000U No
Toshiba SD-9200 Yes
Toshiba SPD-1000 Yes
Tredex TX8303 Yes
Victor XV-521 No
Wharfedale DVD750 No
Yamaha DVD-5796 Yes
Yamaha DVD-C996 Yes
Yamaha DVD-S510B No
Yamaha DVD-S700 Yes
Yamaha DVD-S796 Yes
Zenith DVC-2200 Yes
Zenith DVC-2201 Yes
Zenith DVC-2250 Yes
Zenith DVC-2515 Yes
Zenith IQDVD-2300 Yes
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Last Modified:18 July 2004