Video DVD
Your video transferred to DVD using DVD-R format which is approved by the DVD forum for writable DVDs.

Extract from DVD Forum:
Please note that the "+RW" format, also known as DVD+RW was neither developed nor approved by the DVD Forum. The approved recordable formats are DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM.
The length of the video will depend on the quality required. We recommend maximum of 2 hours on one DVD, unless having the whole video on one DVD is important.

Video to DVD
When transferring from VHS, we recommend about 90 minutes per DVD.

The cost of transferring one video tape to DVD-R is £15, in the case where multiple tapes can fit onto a single DVD (upto 120 mins) each additional tape will be transferred at a charge of £5 per tape.

We can also provide a front-end menu with chapter selection points
The cost of authoring a DVD-R with menu selection is £35.

The price includes a DVD-R in a DVD case, text printed on DVD, VAT and return postage for
the DVD-R and your video. (Prices are in pounds sterling)

Will my DVD Player play a DVD-R?

Most new generation of set-top DVD players can handle DVD-R format. Some DVD players have been designed to handle DVD+R media only and will not play DVD-R media.

Our list of DVD player compatibility is not extensive. If your player is not on the list, then it has not been tested. There is a more comprehensive list at DVD Helper site

We specialize in short-run DVD-R duplication. For additional copies of your DVD, please call

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Last Modified: 03-Jan-2006