Concerts and Stage Shows
Video of your Concert using multiple digital cameras completed with titles and end-credits.
If you would like a video of the concert, stage show or school play why not let us do it for you.
We come to the rehersal to discuss the camera positions, assess the lighting and then film the event using multiple cameras. We then edit the video, add titles and end-credits of the cast. We provide you with copies for the cast / audience or we can distribute copies direct to the cast / audience.
The cost depends on the length of video and number of copies distributed.

Edited video can be supplied on tape or DVD. The tapes and DVDs are normally supplied in library cases with specially designed inserts.
Concerts and Stage shows


What You Say
The finished item is incredible! Thank you so much. We had the viewing last nignt with all the band and some other friends, and everybody was absolutely amazed by the quality. The editing was faultless.
Thank you so much!
The Loudness

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